How To Calm A Hyper Cat: Simple But Effective Ways

how to calm a hyper cat

As a cat parent, I believe that many of you usually imagine the picture of your cat laying down calmly by your side. Such an adorable moment! However, it is not always so because cats are known for their bursts of energy, not all the time, though. And how to calm a hyper cat sometimes makes you frustrated.

But don’t worry. If you understand the reasons for your cat’s hyperactivity, calming his down will not be a daunting task anymore.

Why is my cat so hyper?

If you’re a cat parent, you must see your feline running across the room and act as though he is being chased. He is dashing faster and faster and then suddenly stops. Sometimes, you even hear your kitty meow like crazy and continuously. 

This is considered the wild behavior of any cat breeds. And if it happens at night, people call it the “midnight crazies”. You might experience the feeling of waking up with a start due to your cat jumping on you while you’re sleeping at night. You may wonder what the reasons for these weird, insane actions are. Actually, there are different causes for this.

Predatory instincts

As you may all know, cats are hunters, and almost all domestic kitties still retain their nature, more or less. They have hyper activities because they demonstrate their hunting, fighting, or escaping skills, as the call of nature. 

You raise your cat in the house, and he doesn’t need to chase for his food. It doesn’t mean your feline doesn’t act crazily. He still needs to burn his energy, and that’s why we see hyper actions.


predatory instincts in cats
A house cat still has predatory instinct.

Nocturnal instincts

Another possible reason for the hyperactivity in your cat is that he poses nocturnal instinct. Especially when your kitty doesn’t have enough playtime during the day, he will become very active at night. 

In particular, if you have to work all day and don’t have time for your furry friend, he has to spend their daytime alone and maybe just sleeping. And when you’re home after work, your cat seems to “miss” you and want to play with you. If you don’t meet his energy-releasing demand, he will become extremely hyper and have crazy behaviors.


Fleas are possible the reason why your cat acts hyper. If you see your kitty bite himself and sometimes meow crazily, it could be that he is killing fleas on his body. Especially when he can’t reach these insects, he will become crazy. 

Feline hyperesthesia syndrome 

Feline hyperesthesia syndrome, also known as FHS or rolling skin disease, might also be a kind of disorder that causes crazy behaviors in your feline. Like fleas, this syndrome makes your cat feel uncomfortable. 

Some common signs include attacking a tail, grabbing something and kicking that object using the rear legs, or running really fast around the house, etc. 

So are all the cats this way?

Some cat breeds have higher energy than others
Some cat breeds are higher-energetic than others.

Yes, all cats have hyperactivities to some extent. This is because, as mentioned before, they exhibit their predatory and nocturnal instincts. However, here are some of the most commonly hyper cat breeds.

  • Abyssinians: considered to be the best athlete in the cat world
  • Japanese Bobtail: recognized for water-based enthusiasm, especially swimming
  • American Shorthair: known for the playful nature
  • Turkish Angora: eager to play with their owners
  • Manx: famous for the most daring cat breeds
  • Savannah: a crossbreed of African Serval and is always energetic
  • Bombay: referred to as the most active cat
  • Birman: keen on outgoing activities
  • Ocicat: one of the most dog-like and adventurous cats

How to calm down a hyper cat

There are various ways to calm your crazy kitty. Depending on his or her hyperactivity, you can apply suitable methods. But here are some of the most easy and effective ways.

Create high energy playtime during the day

Schedule time to play with your cat
Schedule time to play with your cat is a great way to reduce her hyperactivity.

If you find your cats go crazy at night, it is totally normal because they might have nocturnal instincts. And how to calm a hyper cat down at night will become easier if you plan a suitable schedule for them to play before bedtime. 

If you have to go to work during the day, you can arrange some activities to play with your feline friends at night. Observe his most hyperactive times, then carry out your plan during these periods. If you can’t, prepare your cat’s favorite toys that can draw him in the playing time.

You may not know that cats love and are easy to follow routines. Therefore, creating a consistent energetic playtime enables your feline to understand which times of the day he should be active. 

Rearrange your household

A disorderly house can obstruct your cat’s schedules because small and disorganized things can stimulate your cat’s predatory instincts. He will chase “prey” when seeing any of that chaos at any time. 

You also need to notice any changes in your house, particularly the presence of other pets like dogs. You know cats are not easily adaptable. This can cause dog aggression towards cats or vice versa if you don’t control both well. 

Give your cat safe outdoor experiences

Give your cat safe and fun outdoor experiences
Take your cat to nearby park and let her play for a while.

Some pet parents choose to keep their felines indoors, while others choose outdoors. This hugely depends on your conditions and surrounding situations. But it is always a great idea to take your cat outdoor sometimes, if not regularly. 

Having said that, leaving your cat playing inside the house is not always bad. But make sure you spend time playing with them. Otherwise, they will likely come down with boredom, which leads to crazy activities. 

To ensure your cat’s safety while playing outdoors, you can take them to the nearby park, letting them wander on the grass. But remember to watch out for them. You can also let your feline have his “crazy times” in your yard. Bear in mind to enclose your yard with high fences to prevent your cat from jumping over. 

Allow that behavior

Whenever you see your cat have hyper activities, you might want to find ways on how to calm a hyper cat. However, this is not always the case. The first and most important question you need to ask yourself is if your cat really needs to be settled down. 

Actually, lots of cat experts agree that you don’t need to calm down your cat if he or she is running for around 5 minutes. Just let him do so and wait if he stops or not. However, if this behavior escalates to a more dangerous level, such as jumping from the cabinet’s roof, you can redirect it using your feline’s toys. 

Final thoughts 

As original predators, cats have a demand for physical stimulation, low or high. It is completely normal if your cat exhibits hyperactivities. How to calm a hyper cat is really important, but figuring out the reasons for this behavior is also crucial. Make sure you understand your feline’s behavior and why he acts that way to apply suitable techniques to calm him down. 

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