8 Purrfect Gifts For Your Cat Obsessed Friend

gifts for your cat obsessed friend

Another meowy-Christmas time is coming up. That’s right. We are talking about the time that every person will give their family members, friends, or lovers great gifts. If you have a cat-lover friend, you might want to give her pawsitive, adorable presents. There is an assortment of gifts, but here are some of the most purrfect gifts for your cat obsessed friend.

1. Organic cat grass kit

Cats love eating grass
Grass is a favorite food for cats.

Her baby’s birthday is around the corner, and you don’t know what to give the cute kitty. You can consider the organic cat grass kit. This is regarded as one of the best cat birthday gifts for your feline-obsessed friend. 

Almost all cats love chewing grass, not only for fun, but they also need fiber, which can prevent hairballs significantly. Especially when your friend doesn’t have time to play with her kitty during the day, this gift will help her cat not to be alone anymore.  

2. Cat succulent planter

Adorable cat-shaped succulent planter
Adorable feline-shaped succulent planter for cat lovers.

What about getting your friend another cat? She will be surprised by this cute cat-shaped succulent planter. The neck of this cat planter is equipped with a bell, just like her baby. It also comes with a tray to prevent water from overflowing into her floor. This is great for planting indoors, and it will be a perfect friend with her kitty. 

3. Homemade cat treats

DIY cat treats are meaningful gifts for your cat-obsessed friends
DIY cat treats are meaningful gifts for your cat-obsessed friends.

This will be one of the most amazing cat birthday gift ideas. If you are good at cooking, this is the time you show your talent and care for your cat-obsessed friend and her feline. There is nothing more wonderful than cooking delicious treats for the kitty by yourself.

Put them into cute food containers tied with a beautiful ribbon. I’m pretty sure that both your friend and her cat will be appreciated for this meaningful gift. 

4. Cat T-shirt

Personalized cat t-shirt as a cool gift
A custom cat t-shirt with your feline-lover friend’s name will melt her heart.

Your friend’s birthday is coming up. You are thinking about what to get your cat obsessed best friend for her birthday. And here is the best idea for you. Cute cat-themed t-shirts will surprise her. 

There are various designs with different styles so that you can easily pick one that fits your friend’s taste. Each model will have its own meaning, but all are in her pocket and make her feel that the cat is always by her side, even when she can’t bring her to the office or outdoors. 

5. Cat-shaped cheese board

A cat shaped board is a perfect gift for cat-obsessed friend
A cat shaped board is a perfect gift for cat-obsessed friend.

This lovely cat-shaped cheese board will absolutely make your friend have a purrfect birthday. She can use this board to host her dinner party. She can display various things on this board, such as cheeses, fruits, cracks, and other foods. 

6. Custom cat photo pillows

Personalized cat-shaped pillows
Give your friend a personalized cat-shaped pillow.

What if your cat-obsessed friend has to spend lots of time outdoors? She will not have much time for her fur baby. Therefore, a custom cat photo pillow will be a great gift on her birthday. If you already have her feline’s picture, that’s cool. If not, you can ask her to send you some pics before her birthday, let’s say a week or 10 days. Then go to some shops that make custom products and wait to take them. 

7. Fold and store cat tower 

Foldable cat tower for playful cats
Give this foldable cat tower for playful cats for your friend.

As you may all know, cats love scratching. So why not look for a gift in which your friend’s kitty can sharpen their claws without damaging her furniture. This tower comes in a compact size, which is an ideal gift if your friend’s house is small. Furthermore, it even has a hideaway where her feline can crawl inside. Don’t worry if it is warm enough because the tower is equipped with a comfortable cushion. This will be a perfect gift for your cat lover friend this Christmas season. 

8. Socks with cat quotes

Socks with cat message
Socks with kitty messages will make your cat-obsessed friend laugh.

Socks are more than just protecting your friend’s feet warm. You can choose models with different cat faces, images, or quotes. For example, a pair of socks with the words “I can’t get up right now, the cat is on my lap” will show her family members what her priority is. I’m sure when you’re at her house, she has ever ordered you to do something for her just because her feline is on her lap, at least one. So, I have to say this is one of the most fabulous gifts for people with cats. 

No matter what kind of present you give your bestie, the best gifts for your cat-obsessed friend should be the one that she or her cute fur baby loves. It is not about money, but the way you give the present. You can buy expensive gifts, but handmade gifts like cat treats are more than enough if you don’t have enough money. It shows your deep love and cares for your friend and her feline. Ultimately, whatever the gift is, I believe that you and your cat-obsessed friend will have a beautiful friendship. 

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