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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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I have devoted a great part of my life to a cause dear to my heart --the plight of shelter dogs. Our 4-legged companions are almost universally loved, but most people have no idea of the perils that these animals face. Even fewer people are prepared to do something about it. I have donated blood, sweat and tears to making some small impact on the lives of our furry friends. It is a labour of love!
For one hundred and twenty five years visitors to New York have graced the pathways and beauty of Central Park inside a comfortable carriage, gently gliding along the lakes and flowering magnolias. Few realizing the raging debate afoot presently in this great city regarding the morality of horses, pulling carriages for up to ten hours per day, seven days a week, in the midst of the most congested more
Blinded for Beauty?
This year, World Week for Animals in Labs (WWAIL) runs from April 20-26. It is an annual event designed to expose the plight of animals used for testing and research. WWAIL seeks to arouse concern for animals in laboratories as well as educate the public about the scientific, moral, and economic objections to animal experimentation, also known as vivisection.

World Day For Animals In more
Two of Millions
Once slated for euthansia, now known as Pepper and Sky.
In a few hours I am going to be at Chicago Animal Control picking up two young Shih Tzu who were scheduled to be euthanized. Yes, I did say two YOUNG Shih Tzu who, from the pictures, look like purebreds.

I am not going to pass judgment on CACC. I really don't know much about them. Yes, I have heard horrible things. Such as the conditions of the kennels and the extremely poor return more
A dog in Lorain County, Ohio has become the focus of the failings in the system of communication between the county shelter system and private rescue organizations, while her family wages a social media campaign to get her back. Just before Christmas, Harley, a Rottweiler, jumped the fence and went missing. Her owners did what they believed they should: they called their county shelter to report her lost.

Harley's owner, Terri Sandu, says 'I called the county kennel, where I thought all lost dogs had to go. I think most people would start there in their search, because how would they know about the other groups out there?'

But Harley never made it to the county pound. Five days after she went missing, she was picked up in Avon Lake where she was held at the police more
An act in progress
It was one and a half years ago, around September 2012, that I sat in our house in Chappaqua late, late into the night. Brenda and I kept talking about how best to change the course of life for the animals. Idea after idea kept getting tossed in and out, as though a ping pong ball. Suddenly I burst out 'what if we did a state-wide referendum that made it illegal to euthanize dogs'. We sat for a moment, stupefied at the enormity of the thought. You mean, just outlaw killing like Moses did with those tablets some 4,000+ years ago? Can it be so easy? We asked each other as the answer echoed from all walls of that magnificent house 'YES'!

AnimalsVote was formed shortly therein with the expressed target of preparing for a statewide referendum for the 2014 midterm elections. We raised some money, cut our teeth on the 'No Kill Mondays' campaign and thought WE ARE READY FOR more
This Is Hope, by Will Anderson, and The Ultimate Betrayal, by Hope Bohanec, with her husband Cogen Bohanec, might be described as long and short versions of the same book. They are structured somewhat differently, but mostly summarize the same arguments for veganism, citing many of the same sources.

Both authors are veteran campaigners in animal and environmental causes, who have held senior positions in prominent organizations. Neither, however, makes extensive use of direct personal observation or anecdote. In Anderson's case this is clearly unfortunate, since his most memorable and persuasive passages are those in which he does step out from behind the lectern to share something he did not learn from someone else's book.

Especially vivid examples include Anderson's discussion of watching how a mother cat carried her kittens across a busy street, and of more
The views, opinions and conclusions in this article are those of the author and not endorsed by AnimalsVote, its members or affiliates.
On that forever day
Today, March 12, is a date that will always be carved in my heart. Six years ago today, I walked into my first Amish puppy mill auction and when I walked out everything about my life and who I was changed forever. March 12, 2008 I found myself in Thorp, WI at the Horst Auction Barn. I was there as a web reporter for Best Friends Animal Society to interview the protestors who stood in bright orange, holding signs and yelling,"end the horror."

When I approached the leader of the group she suggested I go inside and see what they were protesting. I was scared because I had no idea what I would find. I certainly never thought it would change my life, but it did. I walked in and saw hundreds of dogs stacked in metal crates. They were matted and smelled of feces. Some were sick and others were just "broken." Their eyes so vacant, their tails didn't wag. I more
Chopin & Wazoo both lost their lives after eating chicken treats for cats. Their owner received positive results of sulfa drugs in the Catswell treats, though Dogswell\/Catswell has denied culpability
Pet owners fighting Nestle Purina, Del Monte, and other Chicken Jerky Treat suppliers over the poisoning of their pets received new evidence in February to bolster their claims.

When pets first started dying as a result of eating Chicken Jerky treats and the FDA began looking for a cause, some pet owners took matters into their own hands. Many of them saved the remainder of the treats they believed had killed their pets as evidence. Those with veterinary records documenting their pet's sickness and death eventually submitted samples to Kendal Harr, DVM, who managed to get the samples tested at the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets (NYSDAM).

This month, a year after the samples were submitted, the lab began mailing out the results of those tests. So far, every sample sent in for independent testing has come back positive for more than one of more
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We asked 2,500 shelters across the U.S. to stop killing dogs and cats for one day a week.

We said please stop killing animals on all Mondays, beginning on Monday, December 23 and continuing for all Mondays.

We said let's work together to change how people think about the shelter system and animal adoptions in the U.S.

Dozens of volunteers scoured this nation...HELP US CONVINCE THE NAY SAYERS TO JOIN!
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Photo of the Day
Love, the kind we humans have so much difficulty with!
Sit, a command deaf dogs learn!
When it's time for her boys to get up in the morning, Tamara calls out "Hey, Buck, go wake up your brother!" And Buck runs over to his brother Poke and begins to nudge him with his nose, sometimes pushing at him with a big paw until Poke opens his eyes, yawning and stretching, and smiles at his goofy brother. And they both go in search of their Mom to find out what's in store for the more
It's been a year since Del Monte, Nestle Purina and other pet treat manufacturers 'voluntarily' recalled chicken jerky treats. In March, chicken jerky treats will return to store shelves, but it's not clear that any of the issues have been solved, and many unanswered questions remain.

Chicken Jerky treats were pulled from store shelves after the FDA found traces of 6 different drugs more
Ohhh those eyes!
A good friend of mine belongs to a discussion group and recently forwarded me an article they had uncovered. Entitled 'Do Elephants Have Souls?' by talented writer Caitrin Nicol, the 81 page essay was published in The New Atlantic. The length of the article speaks to the depth and marrow of the subject and its context. As I read the piece one statement stood out above all other fascinating more
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